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Unique cushions and meditation seats handmade from recycled materials

Introducing Saana Cushions, a small rural business based on the edge of the North York Moors.
I specialise in unusual meditation seats and cushion covers.

All my cushions are made from a selection of upcycled fabrics,
such as wool blankets, discarded theatre backdrops, denim jeans and quality vintage curtains, all hand dyed with a mixture of natural and man made dyes.
I always use sustainable materials so you can be sure you are helping to reduce waste
by buying a mindful product.

The meditation cushions are filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls sourced in the UK
and come with a handmade cotton drawstring storage bag.
There are different fabrics, sizes, shapes and colours to choose from.

Some are traditional round zafus, some are cubes and some are octagon shaped, 
inspired by ‘Otedama’ or Japanese juggling bean bags.
You could buy a matching set or buy a different design for each member of the family.

I can also make you a customised set to compliment your family meditation space.

The cushion covers come unfilled, so you can use them for storing a winter jumper, all the odd socks or just revitalise your old cushions





I source all my fabrics from local charity shops, choosing only top quality natural materials such as linen curtains and wool blankets.
The zips, man made dyes and threads are from a local high street shop and I use natural dyes, such as turmeric for some of the base colours.
I am currently planning my own dyers garden with a selection of ancient dye plants, such as woad, St John's Wort and lilies.


My organic buckwheat hulls are from the UK, not treated with herbicides, pesticides or fungicides either when growing, harvesting or storage. They are not roasted, the groats are removed through a roller press and the hulls (husks) are then triple screen graded then forced air cleaned.

Buckwheat hulls (sometimes referred to as husks) are widely used in items that would traditionally use cotton batting or another toxin laden substance and are superior to man made fillings, such as polystyrene beads.

In the children's sizes, tiny and small, the buckwheat is safely enclosed in a cotton inner bag,so no accidental spillage if small hands undo the zipper.
The medium and large cushions don't have inner bags as this gives the cushions a better shape and allows you to add or remove the buckwheat to alter the height.
The zips are all safely closed with orange stitching, just snip to open the zip to remove the filling for washing and then dry naturally.
Use the storage bag to put the filling inside while you cool hand wash the cover.

The dyed wool cushions have the filling sewn securely inside and have a handle made from reclaimed leather from a settee, if you would prefer a fabric handle, just let me know.


Have a little calm in your home...



All natural

cotton & linen


Buckwheat hulls



Perfect for your meditation space...





Wow! It's fantastic. I really, really like it. The bag is great and the shape/design is fabulous. It is so much better than the cushions I have. 


@saanacushions these are beautiful hon xx


@saanacushions Happy New Year to you. I was given one of your #meditationcushions for Christmas - I love it! Wishing you every success for your business. You really do deserve it. They are the best cushions I've ever used 

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